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From Our Students

  • "Jerusalem U really knows how to teach! Interesting lectures that are actually enjoyable!"

    Daniel Levin University of Florida

  • "The courses are a great way to learn about interesting Jewish topics right from your own home. It doesn't hurt that you get paid to learn either! It's the best class I'm taking this semester by far!"

    Alyssa Wolf Indiana University

  • "Gave me tangible ways to look inside myself and be successful."

    Emmanuelle Berdugo University of California San Diego

  • "Entertaining and relatable. Useful in real life."

    Monica Arkin University of Kansas

  • "Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to learn more and connect many things I am studying at school together. I have really enjoyed this experience."

    Abigail Durham Kansas University

  • "For people new to Judaism or interested about the faith, this is a great way to learn about it."

    Sophie Cummings Saint Louis University

  • "I love the series, it is truly life changing."

    Sean Fuchs Indiana University

  • "Everything about this talk was so insightful and I truly want to incorporate these things into my own life."

    Yuliya Gonikman State University of New York Stony Brook

  • "Jeursalem U gave me a whole new view on Judaism! I never thought learning could be so fun and interesting! One of the best classes I have ever taken!"

    Lazer Gerlikhman Rutgers University

  • "From this series, I was able to better understand some of the background of Israel and therefore be able to educate my peers in a more knowledgeable way."

    Maggie Weinreb Union College

  • "It really inspired me to become even more openly pro-Israel on campus."

    Tessa Nath University of California Los Angeles

  • "Thank you for this learning experience! My Jewish identity is important to me and I enjoyed connecting Judaism to my personal values. The meaning of life is to find meaning and this is just the beginning."

    Erica Riba University of Michigan Ann Arbor

  • "I really enjoyed this class and would highly recommend it. I ended up learning way more about my people's faith through an interesting and intellectual web course and highly support what Jerusalem U is doing!"

    Alex Becker University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

  • "Jerusalem U opened my eyes to how deep Judaism really is. Before the course, it was just about holidays and traditions. Now I realize how much more its really about."

    Matt Guenther Tulane University

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