Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up?

Jerusalem U offers a fun and exciting opportunity to explore Israel and Judaism from wherever you are right now. Whether you want to earn a stipend, explore your roots or just expand your horizons, our online courses are thought provoking and entertaining.

What is JerusalemU?

Jerusalem U provides dynamic, film-based content and educational programs to organizations and synagogues who seek to increase Jewish knowledge and engagement with Israel among their constituentsWe also produce award-winning documentary films and create film-based curricula for use among teens, college students, young adults and adults.

What do the courses cover?

Jerusalem U course topics span a variety of subjects about Judaism, Israel,Leadership, Cinema and Psychology. This includes Jewish history and thought, love and relationships, Kaballah and meaning, and happiness and self-fulfillment. Each course offers unique perspectives that are contemporary and have real-world relevance. In-depth information about course topics may be found on the course homepages.

Who teaches the courses?

Each course features a unique line-up of motivational speakers, educators, political insiders and experts from leading institutions around the world, including Harvard, Princeton, Oxford and MIT. Individual instructor profiles are available on the course homepages.

Do the classes need to be taken in order?

You have the freedom to watch the classes in whichever order you prefer. However, we do recommend following our film order for certain courses, specifically Israel inside/Out.

How long is each course?

Each course is different, ranging from 5 to 8 classes.

How long are the films?

Each course is different. Most films are approximately 25-35 minutes, and our feature films are closer to 60 minutes.

Do I qualify for a stipend?

To qualify for a $100 stipend you must fulfill the following:
1) Be between the ages of 18-26
2) Complete the course with an average of 80%
3) Attend one to two live events on campus or live online
Stipends are awarded once to each student. (Additional courses may be audited.)

How do I complete my live classes?

Live Classes will be on campus or live online depending on your University.
For the Israel Inside/Out course we will arrange a live advocacy event with Hasbara Fellowships.

How do I receive my stipend?

Those who meet the above qualifications and have been pre-approved for a stipend will receive a check in the mail upon completion of the course.

How do I donate my stipend to a charity (tzedakah)?

We'll mail you the $100 stipend and you can donate it to the charity or nonprofit of your choice. Let us know where you donated it and we'll feature it on our page. Contact Adina for more information -

Who can I contact for technical support?

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