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Where Positive Psychology's innovative research meets Judaism's timeless wisdom
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What is happiness? Am I happy? Can I become happier? What do happiness and Judaism have to do with each other, anyway?

Get the answers to these questions as well as the secret to being happier with Jerusalem U's new series Habits of Happiness featuring world-renowned Positive Psychology expert Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. The series is available for college students - Free of Charge. .

The information is extremely insightful, practical, and important in contributing a fresh perspective to things we experience every day.”
Marianna Yusupova, University of California San Diego
Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar's course was beyond what I expected-- I learned how and why its important to think positively, and found reasons from the Torah to support them.”
Shana Barkhordari, University of California Los Angeles
It presented me with an entirely new way of looking at the field of psychology and gave me a deeper appreciation for the enduring wisdom of Judaism.”
David Campbell, University Of Arizona

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Tal Ben-Shahar is an author, lecturer and consultant, famed for teaching Harvard University’s most popular course, Positive Psychology. He also obtained his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Harvard. He is the author of the international best sellers Happier and Being Happy, and is currently on the faculty of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel. Ben-Shahar consults and lectures around the world to executives of multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions on topics that include leadership, happiness, self-esteem, resilience, goal setting and mindfulness.


Jackie Engel is a psychotherapist, Jewish educator and the former resident psychologist on Australia’s Today Show. She has run her own private psychotherapy practice and conducted consulting and organizational work for media personalities and non-profit organizations. Engel is currently Director of the Jewish Student Leaders Foundation, dedicated to inspiring, empowering and training student leaders on college campuses and in communities. She is also Program Director for the Peer Educator Research Internship, a personal empowerment program for college students, and a Jewish topics lecturer and counselor at the Jerusalem College for Jewish Women’s Studies.


Yosef Lynn is an author, life coach, marriage counselor, Jewish educator and college lecturer on Positive Psychology. He completed a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, under the tutelage of Positive Psychology’s founder, Dr. Martin Seligman. He is currently Dean of Students at Machon Yaakov, the Dr. David Robinson Institute of Jewish Heritage, in Jerusalem.  Lynn also directs Greatness Within Seminars, offering consulting to businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations on personal empowerment and discovering and building your life based on your personal strengths.


Dannielle Rothman is, among many things, a Jewish educator, lecturer and world traveler. She began her career studying Choreography, Dance and Musical Theatre, and served in the Israeli army as a sports instructor and combat trainer. Her experience living and travelling in many different countries has given her a broad perspective of different cultures and religions, which she brings to her passion for Jewish education. She currently  works as part of the team at London’s Jewish Learning Exchange, teaching and leading young professional groups along a personal discovery of their heritage.


Kaila Lasky is an author, leadership consultant, dynamic educator and motivational and keynote speaker. In a former life she was a Broker and Sales Team Trainer, as well as an actress who appeared on The Bill Cosby Show and acted in Hollywood film productions with Michael J. Fox, Michael Douglas and Oliver Stone. Kaila currently travels across the US and internationally, presenting transformational workshops and seminars on topics related to leadership training, personal growth, Jewish observance, women’s topics and relationships.