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Learn from Mayim Bialik and other change-makers how you can overcome challenges and make an impact.
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Be inspired by Mayim Bialik and 5 other young individuals who followed their passions - hip hop, environmental sustainability, TV and more - to overcome challenges and effect change. See how they stood by their convictions and find out what it takes to make your own mark.

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Be Empowered

How do you turn one of the most violent schools in New York into one of the best? Principle Shimon Waronker harnessed the power of personal growth to empower his teachers to build relationships with their students, and turn their lives around.

Be Tenacious

Powered by her ideological passion and drive, Captain Keren Hajioff left her home in England and joined the IDF. Be inspired by her journey and tenacity in realizing her goals--supporting the State of Israel and becoming a leader and role model for others.  

Be Authentic

Discover how Mayim Bialik, of hit TV show The Big Bang Theory and Kveller blogging fame, has managed to transcend the Hollywood culture and maintain her authenticity--staying grounded and real to herself. Find out how despite her fame and celebrity she genuinely connects with and inspires others.

Be Jewish

Inspired by hip hop music, Matt Bar reached outside the box and founded Bible Raps to infuse Jewish wisdom and pride into Jewish education. By integrating Jewish values, Matt believes we have the potential to transform not only ourselves, but also the world.  

Be Proactive

Before it was trending, Nati Passow’s passion for environmental sustainability led him to turn his innovative concept of a Jewish Farm School into a proactive reality. Learn how he was able to find his calling and develop his vision for spreading the Jewish value of environmentalism.

Be Brave

Find out what inspired Sara Greenberg--an undergrad with no film experience--to create a film about her grandparents’ Holocaust story, educating others about hate and discrimination. Sara Greenberg’s passion for this cause propelled her to fight her own fears and insecurities, stand up in bravery and make an impact.

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Shimon Waronker

Shimon, a Lubavitcher chassid and former US Army intelligence officer, served as the principal of MS22, one of the most violent junior high schools in New York. Shimon’s revitalization of the school has been featured on numerous prominent media outlets, highlighting how he fostered real relationships between staff, students and parents. Shimon has been granted numerous fellowships and awards, including knighthood by the French Ambassador. In 2010, Shimon developed a unique schooling model, The New American Academy, PS770. Shimon has two Masters in School Administration and Education and is completing his Doctorate in Education at Harvard University.

Keren Hajioff

Keren is an officer in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Spokesperson's Unit, working in Public Diplomacy. After graduating high school in London, Keren made the remarkable decision to make aliyah and enlist in the IDF, where she has served as a Foreign Relations Officer and Instructor in the Officer Training School. Keren founded the non-profit organization Make a Soldier Smile, whose nationwide campaigns have distributed over 3000 motivating letters to Israeli soldiers, and she volunteers as an advisor to lone soldiers from abroad and to help Ethiopian immigrants. Keren is also an international public speaker and has educated over 4000 people about Israel and the IDF.

Mayim Bialik

Mayim is a three-time Emmy-nominated actress, blogger, author and neuroscientist, best known for her roles in the 1990s sitcom Blossom and as Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory. She is also an outspoken advocate of Jewish text study, attachment parenting, homeschooling, vegan cooking and Israel. Mayim is staunchly committed to Jewish learning, with many study partners, including Immanuel Shalev of the Maccabeats and Allison Josephs, host of YouTube channel Jew in the City, and has appeared on numerous YouTube films advocating for the spread of Jewish learning.

Nati Passow

Nati is a writer, carpenter, educator and leader of the Jewish environmental movement. For two years, he ran an award-winning Urban Nutrition Initiative garden construction program, and in 2005 he co-founded the Jewish Farm School (JFS) with Simcha Schwartz, Robert Friedman, Rachel Tali Kaplan and Shemariah Blum-Evitts. JFS, a non-profit located in Philadelphia and New York, is dedicated to sustainable agriculture rooted in justice and Jewish tradition, and has educated nearly 5,000 participants with more than 50 different sustainability-themed programs.

Matt Bar

Matt is a folk rapper and the Founder and Executive Director of Bible Raps, a non-profit organization devoted to engaging young Jews with the Jewish People’s core text--through rap. Since its inception, Bible Raps has been wildly successful, reaching tens of thousands of young Jews through international performances. The Bible Raps teaching materials are also being used in countless classrooms--to rave staff and student reviews--and teachers are being trained as certified “Bible Raps educators.” In 2011, Matt was named in The NY Jewish Week’s 2011 prestigious “36 Under 36″ list of visionaries who are reinventing the Jewish community.

Sara Greenberg

Sara created the short film “B-2247: A Granddaughter’s Understanding” to tell others about her grandparents’ Holocaust experience. The film has met great success as a tool for increasing awareness and dispelling discrimination; it was screened at the UN for Holocaust Remembrance Day and adopted by the ADL and Steven Spielberg’s USC Shoah Foundation. Sara also helped develop the Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Resource Center, serving on their board, and is a member of Jerusalem U’s Core18 Young Leaders Advisory board. In 2014, Sara founded the non-profit Israel IL and she is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Harvard University.

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