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JU MAX is an interactive, engaging, and totally online Jewish experience. Log in. Interact with your host and fellow students in real-time, and explore great practical ideas that will add awesomeness to your life. Topics include: the nature of free-will, the intersection of faith and science, the Jewish secrets of love and dating, and how to infuse your day with meaning and purpose.

Tzvi Gluckin. One super-entertaining and creative guy.

Tzvi is a musician, author, and popular teacher, who taught for over eight years on Boston campuses. He served in the Israeli army, holds B.M in Jazz Studies, received his rabbinical ordination in Jerusalem, and is the director Vechulai, an innovative Jewish think tank in Boston.

JU MAX was an engaging and entertaining lecture series that I would strongly recommend, if not for Tzvi's musical antics alone. Loved it!

Maiyan Bino
University of California Santa Cruz

A class filled with relevant topics, huge takeaways, and an incredible teacher!

Marnie Beals
Michigan State University

JU MAX is unlike any Jewish learning program I have ever taken part in. It was informative, and eye-opening in a very fun, laid back environment.

Samantha Metz
Pennsylvania State University

  • JU MAX is open to Jewish students, recent grads, and young professionals, aged 18-26.
  • JU Max is 10, 2-hour sessions. Each session is live and interactive (no canned video or talking heads). Classes are Monday night from 9 - 11 PM Eastern, February 3 - April 7, 2014. Click on the Schedule & Syllabus Schedule & Syllabus button below to see the full schedule.
  • Once you successfully complete this course you will receive a voucher that is good for either a free trip to Israel or a travel subsidy for an Israel trip that will cost as little as $200 (and you choose which option you prefer).
  • There is an additional $100 deposit for all trips that will be refunded to you if you fulfill certain requirements certain requirements upon your return home.
  • Participants answer a few questions and submit a short journal entry after each session and will be required to meet with the program's host for an online one-on-one meeting during the semester. If a live event is scheduled in your area, you will be required to attend.

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