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If you are a student or Young Professional (ages 18-26) you may be eligible to earn a $100 stipend from Jerusalem U while watching one of our awesome film series about Israel or Jewish wisdom. Once accepted, you will need to complete the series requirements in order to receive your stipend. (or donate it to your favorite charity).

Choose one of these series and get started.


Make your mark on the world with Impact. Discover how celebrities, change-makers and thought-leaders have dealt with challenges and stood by their convictions to effect change. Get inspired by learning how these individuals acted on their beliefs - Jewish continuity, environmental sustainability, Israel and the power of hip hop - to make an impact.


Israel Inside/Out gives you the inside story on why Israel is so important today, and throughout world history. Animated maps, diagrams and original film footage give you an insider's view into one of the world's most intriguing and mystifying countries – with no airfare required.


What is happiness? Am I happy? Can I become happier? What do happiness and Judaism have to do with each other, anyway?

Get the answers to these questions as well as the secret to being happier with Jerusalem U's new series Habits of Happiness featuring world-renowned Positive Psychology expert Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar.


Go behind the scenes of popular Hollywood movies with Cinema: The Jewish Lens – an innovative and inspiring film-series blending Hollywood and Judaism.

Watch scenes from classic and contemporary movies and discover Jewish wisdom together with actors, film critics and world-renowned Jewish thinkers.


Discover the foundations of Judaism and its treasury of 3,500 years' worth of wisdom.

Judaism 101 provides a broad overview of Jewish thought and insight. Course topics include Love and Relationships, Achieving Success, Gossip, Kabbalah, the History of Jerusalem, and Jewish Contributions to World Values.